Friday, May 20, 2011


see style i like can free now.
new to raise a money,we have a holiday
because my bosses want to go to kl

i must have a displin diri to save money,

i want buy something a present,gift to my mother.
Happy mother day,
sorry if i late give a gift.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In recognition HAHA

Now i seldom to school,i also do not know.
why i very lazy to go school
i not that not want to go school HAHA
Every night i back to home,i intend to go to school
BUT ??
when my parents motion me to go to school
sense like do not want school and despair to go to school
every morning i
build, make, justify to my parents

Said father to me 'kalau lopman malas pg sekolah,
besaq nanti lopman nak kerja apa,lani takpa la
ayah dok bagi duit '

I know all that and i also think on my future
i just want what i want and then
every day i want to go to school and i want study hard
for my future :)

I want so successful people, that i want

now i want COMPLETE what i want.